The GlobRes Booking Engine is a fully responsive, versatile, scalable solution that meets the needs of any size property. Everything is designed to convert lookers into bookers. Thanks to enhanced functionality, hotels can make use of a variety of intuitive calls to action to drive maximum conversion rates with a fully customized booking path.

Each shopper experience can be as individual and relevant as desired -whether on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Beautiful graphics are customized to match the look and feel of your own website and work to deliver a superb user experience.

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If a hotel website is its shop window, then the booking engine is its primary sales tool. While guest impression starts at the outset of the traveler journey – exceptional service starts at the booking stage. Booking engines now have to be as responsive as the websites they integrate with – in terms of display, functionality and performance – working perfectly on any device and in any browser. Added functionality enables a hotel to cross sell and upsell products through promotional pricing, dynamic packaging and other add-ons as well as via individual website pages.


The GlobRes/Synxis Central Reservation System is the most powerful and successful tool for the GDS, used by the premier hotels around the globe. When it comes to implementing and working the GDS successfully, the devil is in the detail. Crucial topics range from sensitive data optimization, property information being displayed in the best way, working out the most advantageous rate structure, targeting the right travel agencies, just to name a few. Our team of specialists will apply their in-depth expertise and best practice to ensure your hotel will harness maximum results from this ever more important distribution channel.

X-Corporate Sales and Consortias

We share our insight into the corporate market to introduce you to companies looking for accommodation in your area. With our GlobRes/Nexus service you get the additional benefit of all RFPs being consolidated in one system.


Consortias can be a powerful marketing tool. Globres will carefully assess your hotel and recommend those consortias working best for your property.

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Through the GDS a hotel is connected to over 650,000 travel agents through Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo and Worldspan (Travelport) as well as the Pegasus Internet Distribution System (IDS). As well as access to those major booking channels, it provides analytical data to measure the impact of higher exposure levels. Sabre research shows that hotels in the top third of hotel availability displays get selected by agents nearly 60% of the time, regardless of any qualifiers that may be used to search.


X-Direct is a service available to selected hotels that provides additional routes to market via an exclusive channel created by Globres. Through various, targeted activities, implemented by a dedicated team, a hotel can enjoy a greater level of visibility thereby increasing direct booking opportunities. We drive reservations to your Home Page at a lower cost per acquisition. You pay a reduced level of commission only on actual stays generated by X-Direct.

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At the heart of Nexus is a versatile and robust database that stores hotel property and rate data, client information, contract terms, sales activities and plans, meetings, calendar commitments, production data and everything else required to manage a sales operation.  It supports GBTA and 30 unique Consortia formats— that’s over 1,000 pieces of data per hotel!  Populated appropriately prior to the RFP season, it will enable a hotel to respond to a Corporate or Consortia contract bid in the space of 5 minutes!


Data is a precious resource.  It provides hotels with a much needed overview that enables informed decision making and forward planning.

X-Track is a sophisticated tool facilitating the collection, storage and analysis of in-house data, both retrospective and real-time.

It is fast and responsive, displaying a synthesis of information that gives you a visual of your business up to the minute. It delivers the ability to detect historical patterns and trends.  The result is an insightful forecast, invaluable in determining best practice going forward.

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Globres can assist a hotel in choosing the most effective platforms and help to develop the right approach.  Globres has a great toolbox to work with in terms of Booking Buttons for Facebook pages and widgets, icons and feeds for hotel website pages – solutions that work to turn lookers into bookers.


GlobRes widgets are helpful tools designed to support and encourage direct booking in a variety of ways, always with the intention of improving the end user experience.  From instant PriceCheckers assuring visitors of Best Rates, Home page links to a customizable SmartCalendar, to additional direct booking capability via Hotel Facebook and last minute opportunities to capture visitors before they leave, GlobRes offers a range of widgets that work as part of your marketing effort to generate more direct bookings.

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It is quite a unique juxtaposition.  For a hotel, OTA bookings are deemed expensive in CPA terms (cost per acquisition) given commission and parity demands that have to be met.   In today’s competitive market place, a hotel needs to strike a sensible balance between its level of OTA and direct, commission-free bookings.  Attuned already to these requirements and in anticipation of future market changes, Globres has developed solutions that enable a hotel to keep a profitable foot in both OTA and Direct channels.