GlobRes at ITB 2017

With positive forecasts for travel in 2017, and a continuing upward trend going forward, hotel operations need to be geared up to ensure that the DREAM, LOOK, BOOK, EXPERIENCE anthem is a harmonious experience, particularly when it comes to looking and booking.  Two key requirements now are “seamless” and “responsive”.  Not rocket science but rather a logical development process enabling a hotel, regardless of size, to service efficiently, a growing, very savvy, international travelling audience.  Seamless, in terms of combined technologies working from a unified platform, servicing sales and marketing, inventory management, reservations, communications, yield and revenue – all easily reportable for analysis purposes.  Responsive, because trends highlight the growing use of mobile and other devices now used on the move. Hotel communications have to embrace all devices, ensuring the displays and interactions of all are fully compatible – not only in terms of the front end (look, functionality, appearance) but also in the all-important back end (system access at all times).

Determining need and navigating through the array of technology solutions, consultants and providers can be pretty bamboozling. The intelligent solution for a hotel is to engage a reputable provider that can demonstrate an exceptional understanding of their business and deliver a tailored and scalable solution, designed to grow with the business. Specialist companies like Globres help hotels to fully tap into the modern customer journey in a way that is versatile and respects the individuality of a hotel, allowing scope for future advancement and development when time and circumstances are ripe. A preferred partner of Sabre – arguably the world’s largest global booking engine- GlobRes works with hotels to develop their online sales and marketing capability, working to reduce business from high commission third party channels and convert more lookers to bookers directly. From Hotel RMS to powerful Central Reservations “hub” to multi-channel distribution, to State of the Art Booking Engines and a host of solutions in between, seamless and responsive is all about getting a hotel to its optimum for distribution, managing yield and growing margins per booking

Says GlobRes CEO, Ruedi Keller:

Finding the best route to market and not missing anything crucial in your marketing armory is key.  The speed at which travel products are being launched and technology moving ahead is frighteningly rapid. Knowing which tools are the “must haves” can be a daunting and potentially expensive experience if wrong decisions are taken. The best advice for any hotelier, taking account of cost and investment, is to seek out a specialist hospitality provider – prepared to take time to understand and assess the specific needs of your hotel first; one who will recommend only what is needed to achieve objectives (tailored, scalable solutions), and who will hold your hand throughout the implementation process. More importantly, choose one who will stay with you beyond implementation. We have a duty of care to clients to ensure we keep our technology on trend and their progress financially measurable.”